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Revolution De La Fleur Scented Candle

Revolution De La Fleur Scented Candle

Sana Jardin
With marrying tropical blooms of ylang-ylang, jasmine and frangipani, this candle provides the perfect olfactory backdrop for when you want to unwind and escape. Moroccan jasmine and sandalwood further enhance the bouquet, to create a blissful calming sanctuary.


6.7 oz - 40 hour burn time
100% vegetable wax, vegan and with a lead-free cotton-wick.​

Brand Story

Iconic master perfumer Carlos Benaim is the nose behind Sana Jardin's fragrances, and has collaborated with Amy Christiansen, founder of Sana Jardin, to create the world's first sustainable and conscious luxury fragrance house.​
Sana Jardin harnesses the power of commerce for social good. They are a socially conscious, luxury fragrance house, who stands firm in their vision to use clean and sustainable perfume as a vehicle for social impact and the economic empowerment of women. The result is a series of candles with elevated notes of moroccan rose, Indonesian patchouli and clove leaf.
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