A Guide To Gifting This Mother's Day

A Guide To Gifting This Mother's Day

The gift of home fragrance stands out as one of the most cherished Mother's Day gift choices. We know it can also be intimidating to select a new SCENT for a loved one, so we’ve prepared a few helpful pointers to make the process easier.


This is a time to really take note of her personality and style. Is she traditional or creative? Does she like to stand out or does she prefer a more subtle look both in her home and her style? Does she often burn candles or just on special occasions? 
These will signal to the type of home fragrance she'll enjoy and what SCENT notes will compliment her lifestyle. 


Is she lively and full of ideas? She is likely to be fond of fragrances close to nature, think aromatic herbs and citrus fruits. Blues Away by AMOLN is a beloved green fragrance. 
Is she extroverted and impossible to forget? She is bound to enjoy amber fragrances with oriental and intense woody base notes. We would pick Tiger In Her Eyes by Sana Jardin for her. 
Is she both dreamy and gentle? Her feminine side will shine through with a sparkling floral fragrance layered with green notes. Gallica Rose by Nette would be our choose for her.  
Is she calm yet full of adventure? She would appreciate a more refined fragrance, with notes of chypre, woods, leather, and spice. Barr by AMOLN is a rich woody forward pick that is bound to be appreciated. 


And if you'd rather leave the SCENT discovery to her, we have Gift Subscriptions available. She will take our SCENT Profile Quiz and we will curate candles for her based on her preferences. 
All of the above are failsafe gifts for the most special women in your life. 
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