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Saffron & Rose Scented Candle

Saffron & Rose Scented Candle

Nomad Noé
A VISIONARY with a dream to build a new capital Esfahan as the most beautiful in the known world. Shahanshah, perhaps the greatest king ever, invites us into the glamour of the Persian royal court where the golden shimmer of saffron is gilding the famed Isfahan rose.


Hand-poured in the USA
Fragrance oils crafted in Grasse, France
7.8 oz - 60 hour burn time
Soy wax

Brand Story

Nomad Noé scented candles are an ode to specific memories, moments and people. The brand's founders, Corentin Hamon and Arash Yomtobian, crafted the fragrances to reveal extraordinary stories they discovered while living and working in different parts of the world.

Both founders are committed vegans, so the hand-poured candle line is cruelty free and plant-based, using a blend of apricot and coconut wax, which burns cleaner and for longer. It is the hope behind Nomad No that these candles will bring you moments of tranquility, resilience and magic
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