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Olive Tree Scented Candle

Olive Tree Scented Candle

Flamingo Estate

We’re plumbing the depths of ancient wisdom with our Olive Tree candle — with notes of galbanum violet leaf, eucalyptus, and sandalwood. 


Hand-poured in Los Angeles
8 oz - 60 hour burn time
100% vegetable wax
Fully Recyclable Glass

Brand Story

High atop the hills of Los Angeles, hidden by a lush orchard and dense gardens, Flamingo Estate is the pleasure-obsessed home and garden of Founder Richard Christiansen.
Flamingo Estate lives by the philosophy that champions slow ways and ancient practices. It’s a quest for intimacy — between plants and people, body and spirit, heaven and earth.
With the help of our friends and a network of incredible farmers, we grow sage for soap and tomatoes for candles. We harvest salt from the cliffs of Big Sur and press olive oil from very old trees and keep bees for honey. In all of it, we’re invested in pleasure — for ourselves and our clients and friends — because we think it’s a path to radical change and cataclysmic beauty.
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