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Cactus Scented Candle

Cactus Scented Candle

Calming Park

Enjoy the calming note of cactus. Breathe the purity of water flowers, aloe vera, and sage, wrapped in a woody scent.


6.3 oz - 40 hr Burn Time
Sourced and Poured in Grasse, France
Organic Palm Wax with a 12% Fragrance Load

Brand Story

In his ongoing quest for stillness and calm, Swiss music designer Olivier Rohrbach conceived this line of candles to coincide with the release of a music compilation. With dreams of producing a product that would bring the Nevada landscapes depicted on his album artwork to life, he met a perfumer whose expertise helped him to realize this vision.
The result is a series of candles with scents of Fig-Bamboo, Sequoia, and Cactus, made from organic palm wax in Grasse, France. Located at the intersection of fashion, music and fragrance, Calming Park has collaborated on scented candles with the likes of Swedish fashion label The White Briefs and Danish lifestyle brand Wood Wood.
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