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Here at Scent, we are dedicated to championing the next generation of perfumers and fragrance studios. We search the world for the most exciting home fragrance brands, those producing design-led candles with innovative and evocative scents. We bring these brands to our subscribers through our monthly candle subscription service, and share their unique stories.

One of our recent discoveries is Night Space, a home fragrance brand from upstate New York, created by lifelong friends Danielle Armstrong and Kat Hammill. The brand’s color series features 10 candles with fresh and invigorating scents, from the freshly cut grass of Blush to the warming leather tones of Bronze.


— “A ritual, big or small, private or communal, inside or outside, day or night. Intersecting with color, scent, and space


The ceramic vessels are handcrafted in Portugal and feature colored lids matched to the scent within: a warm palette for earthy scents, cool for oceanic, and neutral for the sky. Each hand-poured candle is made with fine fragrances, renewable coconut and soy wax, and a lead free cotton wick.

We chatted with co-founders Kat and Danielle on their stories as individuals, all things Night Space, and of course their candle collection.


Tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are two friends from Upstate New York and we met in the 7th grade. Who knew that 30 years later we would be collaborating together in this partnership?! We’ve always had a strong friendship and our careers overlapped from time to time, Kat being on the creative side and Danielle being on the business & sales side of boutique and luxury home goods.


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What inspired you to start Night Space?

I honestly think we were both in a place in our lives where we were craving a whole life change. We had both been working so long designing and representing other home and gift collections that we really wanted to do something for ourselves. Something we could feel really connected to that we thought was missing from the market. I think the idea of craving something creative that’s your own, that you can build, develop and ideate together is really exciting. Also, like every working mom out there, we were looking for better work/life balance.


Where does the name “Night Space” come from?

We love to burn scents at different times of the day, different rooms, and different seasons, so we wanted to curate a collection of scents that has something for every mood. Night Space sort of encompasses that time, at the end of the day, when you can wind down, relax in your desired space and really feel the scents. Let them take you away to wherever you want to be.


One of our favorite parts of the candles are how the vessels are accompanied by a palette, scents, and even space suggestions. What inspired the concept?

I would have to say most of our inspiration comes from travel, nature, and shared memories.

We also spent a good year evaluating the market and we decided we wanted to create something that leaned more feminine since everything out there seemed to be falling in the darker, moodier, masculine world. We think the fragrance palette behind our color series collection signifies self-expression, and a world where anything is possible. A passion for travel and a desire to escape the mundane, we spent so much time combining each color and scent with a distinctive approach and audience in mind.

The warm earth and cool sea palettes take you from the streets of Havana, to an artist’s studio, or a night carnival. The neutral sky and metallic sun colors stimulate your senses with very contrasting notes. While our purest colors from white to taupe are like a restorative escape or meditative mountain retreat. We liked the idea of adding a suggested space where we think these scents could create a desired feeling and be most enjoyed.


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We love the vessels, tell us about the design process and purpose of the vessel and the lid?

Our intention was to merge the world of home decor and home fragrance in a way that wasn’t overly branded, was sustainable, modern and simple enough that it looked and smelled beautiful in any space. There is a softness to the earthenware and the glazes compliment the scents, so you feel like you want to keep it long after your candle is done burning. We love to hear about the afterlife of the vessels that people come up with. The lid, aside from adding a pop of color, acts as a dust cover as well, keeping your wax clean and can be used to snuff the candle out.


One last thing, which scent is your favorite?

This does change from time to time, depending on moods because we love so many of them. Danielle’s current favorite is Blush and Kat’s is Forest.

Kat is a creative entrepreneur, designer and mother whose personal and professional endeavors have informed her aesthetic and point of view. For over two decades, Kat has brought her multi-disciplinary design experience to launch numerous products, brands and lifestyles in the art, home and fashion industries.

Danielle, a fellow New Yorker and mother of three, brings extensive experience in business communications. Always inspired by creativity of the home design world, she shifted gears into sales and marketing. Danielle established strong partnerships with many high-end furnishings and accessories brands as well as independent shops, luxury boutiques, and national retailers.